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AuPair in Spain

As start we are giving you information about the requirements and terms of an au-pair post. Please make sure that you are suited to such a post so that we can find a good family for you. AU-PAIRS AND FAMILIES SHOULD ALWAYS COMPLY WITH THESE GUIDELINES.

LA ASOCIACIÓN AUPAIR INTERNACIONAL no se hace responsable de cualquier tipo de  responsabilidad civil, de accidente o enfermedad que pudiera tener la joven durante su estancia en el extranjero, por lo que estos/as deberán solicitar la tarjeta de la Seguridad Social Internacional Europea en las oficinas de la Seguridad Social, de su zona donde vive, antes de su partida, Como estudiante, con el fin de disponer de asistencia médica en cualquier País de la Unión Europea. Para más información, pueden dirigirse personalmente  a nuestras oficinas enviándonos un  e.mail o  contactándonos por teléfono.


    You must have some Knowledge of daily routine housework (experience at home is sufficient) and the ability to look after children. Try to adapt to the family’s lifestyle be prepared to adjust to a different mentality and new ways of life.

    • Be at least 18 years of age end a maximum of 28 years of age.
    • Have a basic knowledge of the Spanish language, although girls with very good English may also be accepted.
    • Intend to stay for a minimum of 6 months or even better for a full school year 9-12 months.

    During the summer vacation time the minimum stay is 2-3 months. When applying for a post for the summer holidays, you must accept to be sent to any part of Spain, because the families leave town at this time. The language schools are closed, and we cannot place you near another au-pair with whom you may be acquainted (friend, sister, etc.)


    The duties an au-pair may include: general light house work, help to prepare meals, dusting, vacuum-cleaning, washing dishes, ironing children’s clothes, laying the table, children washing machine and child care.

    Work about 5-6 hours per day maximum 30-35 hours per week, Baby-sitting 2 evenings per week. Longer hours may be worked by mutual agreement for which more pocket money should be paid. Minimum of one free day including the evening per week. Free time available to attend Spanish classes every day + one full free weekend per month.


    • A Spanish family that invites a foreign Au-pair into their home is expected to treat the Au-Pair as they would the son or daughter of a family friend, be treated as a member of the family, and to provide de Au-Pair with lodging, food, have your own bedroom, pocket money a week 73€uros a chance to improve knowledge of the Spanish language. Have sufficient time to attend Spanish classes, and to receive help from the family to find such classes (or the Agency). Spanish classes are normally available in all towns in Spain. It is a perfect way to learn Spanish and way of life.
    • Be given a week holiday with pocket money after six months.
    • Stay for the agreed time. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. The family will be relying on you for the above duties and have paid a fee your placement. If you wish to go home early you must give at LEAST two weeks notice to the family. Have a responsible attitude and commitment, treating the family’s home possessions with respect. For example, before using the telephone to call home, you should ask.



    You may to consider taking out medical insurance cover before leaving home, or the Social Security European card if you are from the Comunity European Country.



    Fill out the enclosed questionnaire, sign it and send back to us with the following documents. If you don’t have a telephone, it is VERY IMPORTANT to give us the e-mail or the telephone number of someone who can take message for you.


    • 2 Photos Colour, passport size (smiling please!!) one photo with children ,family photo and if possible other photos that you have a congenial personality ( Preferable little collage).
    • 1 Medical certificate(no more than 3 months old).
    • 2 References: At least one reference from another child-care job or baby-sitting etc.
    • Studies certificate (one document is sufficient, be sure to send a copy, not the original)
    • Hand-written letter describing your curriculum in the Spanish language addressed to the family, with information on why you want to be Au-Pair, an idea of your personality etc.


    Once we receive your application and the rest of the documents, you should expect to wait 3 to 4 weeks or even more for the summer for us to find a suitable family. All travelling expenses are to be paid by the AU-PAIR herself.




    When a family wishes to invite you, we will send you their details, including a timetable of what will be expected of you, which is their COMMITMENT to you.


    You should read the invitation very carefully. By accepting the INVITATION you are CONFIRMING that you will carry out these duties. References are taken up on each family. Au-Pair provide references with their application. Care is taken to tray and match the requirement sand preferences of each party with the other. The Agency is, however, purely introducing one party to the other, and cannot be involved in or arbitrate on disputes, since is remote from both parties. REMEMBER the Agency is however, always available to provide you with advice and assistance. This assistance is available to the Au-Pairs throughout their stay.


Under our Au Pair in Spain program, Au Pairs are welcomed into the homes of  Spanish Host Families as a family member for a 1, 2, 3 (only in summer), 6, 9 or 12 month AUPAIR all year. Au pairs participate in cultural exchange, immersed in Spanish life, and they assist with child care and teaching the children their language. We only accept au pairs for our Au Pair in Spain program who are nationals from the European Union countries and of from England, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway.


No aceptamos solicitantes de País de Centro y Sudamérica. Para hacer de Aupair en España Por cuestiones legales de tramitaciones solo en el caso que tenga Pasaporte Español o de un País de la Comunidad Europea. Podemos hacer tramites algunos Países de Europa Comunitaria excepto España por tener el mismo idioma y la función de la Aupair es aprender y practicar un idioma distinto.


SBC***** Universitat

Plaza Universidad Nº3 6ªplanta
08007 Barcelona

Móvil 606 457 431

Horarios: L-J:10h-13h y 16h-18:30h, V:10h-13h

Agosto: L-V 10h-13:30h


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